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We buy any motorbike Brighton – we really do. If you have a motorbike and want to sell it – there is nothing easier than filling in the form. Contact us and we do our best to offer you a valuable price and quick collection. We collect motorbikes from Brighton just in a few hours after agreeing terms. Any questions? See our FAQ site or contact us directly.

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    Sell your motorcycle Brighton

    Sell your motorcycle in Brighton with us. If you’ve ever tried to sell the motorbike by yourself in the past, surely you know how much hassle it can be. We will sell your motorcycle in only few clicks from now. Quick and easy – it works like this. No hassle, no timewasters. Our quote are the best – you won’t find better cash anywhere else in Brighton. Free valuation in minutes right after sending us filled in form or calling us. Prompt and secure payment is what we guarantee. You can sell your motorbike no matter what condition it is: whether it’s new or scrap, even if it’s failed its MOT or has no road tax, write off, damaged, etc.

    Sell my damaged bike Brighton

    Sell my damaged bike Brighton – have you searched for it? No more searching – you’ve just found the right company. We will deal with it. We arrange all necessary paperwork.It’s our every day work. We are experienced buyers in Brighton and Wessex. We offer a good cash for every kind of motorbike. Just tell us: “sell my motorbike in Brighton” and we will do it. Contact us.

    sell my motorbike

    Buy my motorbike Brighton

    Buy my motorbike Brighton – you say, we do. Our company “Cash for damaged bike” will buy your motorbike from Brighton and many other places in the UK, even from Europe. We have many years of an experience in this industry. We offer top cash for category B write off motorbikes. You get valuation almost immediately after contacting us. Fill in the form and write us some information regarding to your motorbike. Our consultant will contact you back with a free valuation  of your vehicle. After agreeing terms, our carrier car will show up and collect your bike from Brighton.

    Value my motorbike Brighton

    We’re an experienced buyers’ team and we value your motorbike in minutes right after sending us filled in form from this website. Our valuation offers good cash and quick collection from Brighton or any other place in the UK and Europe. We value all types of motorbikes and in any condition:

    • old,
    • new,
    • broken,
    • damaged,
    • took part in an accident.
    cash for motorbike
    sell my damaged bike

    Scrap my motorbike Brighton

    Scrapping motorbike could be full of troubles and inconveniences. But not with us – we offer a full care. We have “Breakers” Licence, which allows us to scrap your motorbike in a legal way. We prepare all documents, that are demanded by law. The whole process is short and simple for you. Just let us know that you’d like to scrap your bike in Brighton.

    How to sell your bike in Brighton in an easy way?

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    Fill the form in, call us via Whatsapp or send a regular e-mail message to us.​

    Accept the offer

    After valuation we will propose you an offer for your motorbike. When you accept it, we proceed. We are proud to say, that usually we pay top cash for your bike, write off motorbike or spares motorbike.

    sell my motorbike

    Sell your motorbike

    Usually within a few hours we come and collect your motorbike  in Brighton and more. Congratulations! You’ve just sold your motorbike!

    Sell your motorcycle today to an experienced buyer

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    About us

    “Cash for damaged bike” is created by the people who are experienced in buying motorbikes. We love what we do. We buy motorbikes from Brighton area and surroundings.

    Our car carriers are ready to collect your bike in every condition. We collect even motorbikes that are damaged, took part in the accident or their engine is broken and doesn’t start.

    With us you will sell your motorbike quickly and legally. We arrange all necessary documents. We have Breakers license – it means that we have the permission from the Government to buy the damaged motorbikes.

    Our service works in Brighton and all over UK and more. Wherever you have a bike to be sold, there we come. 

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